Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekend Schooling ~ Our Nontraditional Schedule

Because I work full time as a social worker, we do schooling on a nontraditional schedule. I am home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so those have to be our heaviest school work days. My husband is home on Monday and Tuesday, and does a few subjects with our son. School work requires one of us to assist with everything but cursive practice and copy work, because our son is dyslexic and can't read any of the work at his grade level.

Friday is also our co-op day, which may turn out to be good, or not so good. It starts next week. Co-op will cover science, art and gym. Because he is the only child left at home, and we live in the country with no neighbor children to play with, he needs this contact with other kids. Unfortunately it eats into prime schooling-with-mom time. We don't do as well with the academics in the afternoon.

That leaves Saturday and Sunday as being really important. Today was our second Sunday of school and it went really well. We started at 11:00 and finished at 1:30. In that time we did his reading lesson (AAR level 2), math (Teaching Textbooks level 4), Language Arts (Primary Language Lessons), copywork (from reading lesson), recorder practice (The New Nine-Note Recorder Method), Spanish (Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and Francois), Ancient History (D'Auliare's Greek Myths), Cursive Logic, Shakespeare (a chapter of Who Was William Shakespeare), Artist Study (Giotto), free reading (Percy Jackson #2), Religion (part of a book about Mother Teresa).

He also played a game of chess afterward, which we are considering part of schooling this year, and have scheduled 4 days a week. It all counts as learning, right?

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