Saturday, August 27, 2016

We Are Starting Today and Here's the Plan

Today is the day are starting school. It's a Saturday, but we have a nontraditional schedule due to our work schedules. This week, school will be Saturday through Wednesday. Next week it will probably be Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday.

Schooling on Sunday will be a bit strange, but the plan is that we go to mass, do religious education, reading, composer study/music appreciation,  art appreciation. I hope it will be somewhat relaxing. In fact, I hope that every day will be somewhat relaxing.

I read Homeschooling From Rest this summer, and I plan to put into practice as much as I can from it. I am aiming for joy and peace over accomplishment and production. School work is super stressful for my son, due to his ADHD and learning disabilities. His past experiences of school have been nothing but anxiety and failure. This is my opportunity to turn that around. I want to teach him that not only is he bright and able to learn, but that there is joy in learning. Just as importantly I want to teach him that school is not the most important thing in life. We don't measure our worth by grades.

I want my son to learn to love God, that he is loved by God, and that he is able to contribute to the world by having a loving heart. I want him to experience and appreciate the joy of nature, the miracle of science, the beauty of art, music and literature. I want him to be interested in history and other places and cultures. I want him to understand the doctrines of our faith and the history of our church.

It's a process and it doesn't have to happen fast or all at once. We will start small and slowly, first with the loving, appreciation and joy. If he isn't interested in all of the things I've planned, that's OK too. We will focus most on what sparks passion in him. 

For my part I hope to remain free of anxiety and stress about how much he gets done and how he's progressing. I want to be at rest, and help him to feel at rest in his home and in his education.

All that said, here are my plans for the year (subject to lots of modification as we work it out, and perhaps dropping some things all together). This a mainly a book list. All lessons will be short and no subject will be every day. We won't spend more than 2 hours a day total. Because of his Dyslexia, I will read most of it out loud to my son.

New Testament in a Children's Bible
Faith and Life book 4
57 Stories of Saints
History of US pre-history to Revolution
The Story of Pocahantas
Mayflower Adventure
A Light Kindled: The story of Priscilla Mullins
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Johnny Tremain
George Washington
Primary Language Lessons
All About Reading 2
Cursive Logic
Teaching Textbooks Math 4
D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths
Children's Homer
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
Real Science 4 Kids Biology
Artist Study: Giotto, Fra Angelico, Leonardo daVinci, Botticilli, Michaelangeo, Raphael
Composer Study: Handel, Beethoven, Dvorak, Wagner, Haydn, Vivaldi
Poetry: The Harp and the Laurel Wreath, one poem weekly
Instrument: Recorder
Spanish with Miss Mason and Francois
Treasure Island
Percy Jackson #2
Where the Red Fern Grows
Co-op Art and Gym

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